Contemporary Furniture Design

Contemporary decor incorporates a lot of creativity. Even though the end goal is to meet customers’ needs, which oftentimes include form and functionality.

Bauhaus a German art school that was operational from 1919-1933 is credited to be the first institution that combined fine arts with craft in its design philosophy.  They strongly believed that functionality is equally if not more important than the aesthetics. While in the past art mostly focused on the looks, that narrative has changed with modern and contemporary furniture design and manufacturing.

Bio-fission as a company advocates for responsible manufacturing. By responsible manufacturing, we eliminate unnecessary use of energy in an effort to reduce carbon emission. Each and every product we make involves three major steps

1. Laser cutting in Contemporary Furniture Design

Bio-Fission Designs uses laser cutting for a clean elegant finish. It also eliminates any tedious finishing work that oftentimes comes with hand-cutting or even plasma cutting. This is one of the ways that we incorporated minimalistic yet superior designs.   

2. Forming Contemporary Furniture – 

since all of our work include sheet metals of varying sizes, forming comprises forms the most part where our creativity, engineering, and design are shown. We take sheet metals and look at it as a piece of origami, we then start to fold and bend it into the desired shape. By forming sheet metals, we totally eradicate welding resulting in unique modern furniture.

Welding uses most of the energy, at the same time, not environmentally friendly. Because we believe in taking good care of our only planet known to support life, we have chosen to eliminate welding on all our products. Occasionally we will have products riveted or bolted but our design philosophy still remains to be “zero welds”. 

One of the challenges with welding that we totally eradicate is the elimination of rough edges and corners where moisture can be trapped. The moisture hiding in corners and welds always results in rusting even with powder coating or painting of any kind. 

3. Painting Contemporary Furniture

Bio-Fission Design contemporary furniture and modern decor only use environmentally friendly paints. By eliminating harmful gases from the ecosystem, we protect our ozone layer that shields our planet from dangerous radiations from the sun and other rays from the space. 

Bio-Fission Design is also networked with other contemporary furniture designers and stores across North America. If you are looking for a products that are not featured in our catalog, we will be glad to refer you to other fellow top designer furniture manufacturers we have partnered with. 

Since we are in modern furniture and contemporary decor business, we also have worked with mid-century and antique stores around North America in designing complementary products. We will be glad to refer you to our network and find any antique home decor and furniture you might be needing. The same goes with other high-end furniture designers. 

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Modern Decor Vs Antique Decor


Decor forms a huge part of our day to day life. Whether it is at the workplace, back in our residence, or hotel rooms. Our fashion, style, and preferences display our taste in life. Cool furniture or modern decor is not only here to replace the antique but to compliment them.

Modern decor can by virtue of design be incorporated in nearly everything around us. While some people hold a contrary opinion that modernity cannot be infused with antique or mid-century designs, we highly believe that putting antique and contemporary designs gives modern living its flavor.

Fusing the two however requires some serious planning, design, and thoughtfulness. You cannot randomly throw in a modern sofa set in antique or mid-century design and expect it to seamlessly fit in. There is coordination that needs to be considered.

Modern Vs Antique Design Factors to Consider

How are the colors complementing each other? How about the general aesthetics? Do we have round corners vs sharp corners? What are the general shapes of the furniture and decor? How about the walls, the paintings, the wall hang arts? What era of our existence are they communicating?

When it comes to design, living in a newly built home or a recently retrofitted or an old house, you have to pick a particular style to go with. Your designer will be able to advise you on which styles compliment each other flawlessly. While it is advisable to go with designers when planning your home decor, I have seen people do their own decorations that resulted in excellent outcomes. 

We advise you to subscribe here to get our design and decor advise and how you can blend more than one tastes and still be able to achieve the highest artistic look possible. We will be covering in detail and also inviting design experts to talk and advise us on the best decor practices we can add in our homes.

While we try to reconcile the past and the present using our designs, we still respect each and everyone’s taste and fashion when it comes to decor and furniture selections. To the antique purists, we promise to give you a taste of the same. And to the modern decor lovers, we will as well bring in new experts to advise and give suggestions that suit your taste. 

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